uncured epoxy - help!!

Posted by Kathrine on Oct 19, 2004

OK, everything has been going great with my Ch17 until now. I put a 3rd coat of epoxy on the hull and was going to sand it before applying a 4th coat. It is all hard and sandable except one patch that covers about 1/6 of the hull, which is still tacky and soft after 1 1/2 weeks. All I can figure is I miscounted pumps when mixing the batch that went on that area (it was very late one Saturday night). So based on other posts on this forum, I scrapped off all I could and then tried using vinegar to scrub off the rest. 1/2 gallon of vinegar and scrubbing with everything from a towel to a plastic kitchen srubber to a steel wool pad didn't touch it. But now it looks like crap because small bits of everything I tried to scrub with is now stuck to the boat. Should I go to a heavy duty solvent, or am I dealing with something else here? How much scrubbing and solvent should be required to get a very thin layer of sticky epoxy off?