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Posted by Kurt Maurer on Oct 19, 2004

Beats me what the heck is goin' on. Folks must be anxious to paddle the boats they've been working on. What's up widdat?

Ah well, there's a bonus to launching first, and finishing later: you kinda get two unveilings out of the deal. First, of course, is when the hull hits the water. BIG day - yippeee! Then, some months later, when the weather sucks too much to be out paddlin', you take the show back to the shop and spiff 'er up. Kinda like the Second Book of Genesis, as it were. And when she emerges looking altogether revitalized, almost to the point of being transformed, you get to sit in the shop late at night just gazing lovingly upon her all over again. Life is sweet.

Yessir, t' hell with patience is what I say.

Hey, I agree with your comment, too; I can't guess how many here's-my-yak photos I've seen that give no clue as to the model. Hey, c' mon... that's part of the coveted braggin' rights yer throwin' away there! Spill it, people!!

Cheers, Kurt

Cormorant 16 Hybrid Project

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