Re: DF vs Okoume

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Oct 19, 2004

Good point about the douglas fir checking. A concern for me, as th project I'm condsidering will have to last as long as I do and hold up in the rocky bays of the Canadian Maritimes.

An interesting option might be to use luan for the hull (assuming you're glassing in and out) and okume or one of the other pretty marine plies for the deck. I agree with LeeG on the need to reinforce the deck behind the cockpit (I install a 2" wide piece of 4mm under there to stiffen the deck, but glass or a layer or two of 3" 9 oz. tape would probably work as well or better).

On the shipping costs: not to undercut CLC, who gives great service, but if any of you are in the delivery range of Harbor Sales in Baltimore, they deliver small quatities for free to a business address ( I have the local hardware store recieve the wood for me). They have a pretty big delivery range (I'm 100 miles away). Saves maybe $90.

I've also had luck buying small quatities of boat-builsing lumber from local boat-building companies. Even the big fiberglass and steel yacht manufacturers use okume and other nice plies for their interiors. They'll sometimes part with a few sheets for less than retail.

Door skins into kayaks: a nice adaptive reuse. Just remember to remove the door handles and hinges.


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