Re: North Bay XL

Posted by Howard on Oct 17, 2004

your right...its not on the website anymore. i pulled out an old catalog and found it. last it was in the catalog was the 2002.

i am afraid that XL in this case stands for extra large...not extra light. the regular north bay lists a beam of 20" and a accomodating a shoe size of 10.5 and weight of 130-200lbs the XL is listed as 22" beam and a shoe size of 11.25 and weight of 130 to 220.

other differences in the catalog...the description of the XL says "similar, but more stable and more room for gear..."

in terms of building a boat light, they used to offer a Kayak Racing Package option....not sure if it is still available...used to be an extra 30 dollars back in 2002. where they would replace the 4mm ply on the sides with 3 mm...and give you some lighter fillers to build with. they claimed at the time that that would save you 2 to 5 lbs of weight.

hope this helps


In Response to: North Bay XL by Mac on Oct 17, 2004