Wannabe picture-posters..

Posted by Ken Leffert on Oct 16, 2004

I think there would be a lot more pictures posted on this forum if would-be posters weren't worried that they might be wasting readers' time or CLC's bandwidth when their pictures don't show up. It recently took me 5 posts to get 2 little pictures to show up. Normally, I don't have any trouble, but have switched internet providers, messed me up a little.

So.....if you've kind of been wanting to post a picture but are suffering from the old "performance anxiety".....(I really hate it when that happens).....why not scroll way on down toward the bottom of the message list to a thread that seems pretty much dead and try posting your picture in a response to one of the older messages. Put in some text like picture test. And don't be discouraged if your first attempt fails......think it through and try again.

What do you think?