Re: Recovery Update

Posted by Mac on Oct 15, 2004


Glad you're getting out a bit - even for short paddles. "The Kayak as Therapy."

And Barney looks cool too. But shouldn't he be purple?

I just had my first paddle on "big" water with waves and swells and motor boat chop and sharp rocks and monsters and everything. WAS IT EVER FUN! I think I'm gonna build another kayak and leave it here on the St. Lawrence while the other is at the lake. I also used my Paddle Boy collapsable portage cart to haul the yak to and from the put-in (about 1/2 mile) and it worked fine. Simply folded it up and stored it in the rear hatch when paddling, leaving nothing on shore and giving me the option of a few different exit beaches.

The only downside of paddling big city waters is the need to wipe down the hull afterwards - gross! I think I'll leave my attempts at rolling for the lake.

Next will be fishing for those monsters (Muskie).

Get 100% soon!


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