Re: Cutting Flush Hatches

Posted by RayA on Oct 14, 2004

I just cut my flush hatch openings. I used a small Japanese detail trim saw (got it at Woodcraft, around $20). I was too nervous about it to use a power saw. I just traced the outline and worked very slowly. The kerf is very small. I have only a few places where the curve is not as smooth as I wanted; I think when I sand them I should still be reasonably tight. I've tried to attach a picture of the cut-- I laid the piece back in just to try to show the size of the kerf. I haven't built the hatch cover yet; you might notice that it has "relaxed" and has a different radius of curvature at this point.

It's my first try at attaching a photo; my apologies if I screwed it up.

My backup plan if the gap got too wide was to glue a strip of veneer around the edge of the hatch cover. So far it looks like I probably won't need it.

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