Re: A paddle float link..

Posted by Ken Leffert on Oct 14, 2004

There are experts that regularly post here, please don't mistake me for one of them! I am no expert paddler by any means!

The line I am referring to is the bungie in the picture, the rigging aft of the cockpit opening. It is this line that you would use to execute a paddle float re-entry, should you capsize and not be able to rely on an eskimo roll (like me). Should you find yourself unexpectedly in the water, you need to be able to secure one blade of the paddle under this line with the other end of the paddle being held on or near the surface by a paddle float, making it possible to re-enter your boat. Not trying to tell you how to accomplish this, there are lots of different ways available on the web. The easier it is to get ahold of this line while you're floating around with just your head and a bit of your shoulders above water so that you can get the paddle where it needs to be and climb back aboard, the sooner you'll be drying off and on your way!

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