Re: CH17 cockpit edge

Posted by LeeG on Oct 14, 2004

you can get away with rounding over the top edge of the 6mm coaming a lot. Cut into the top inside edge 1/4" with the bottom of the round over just touching the cockpit spacer. You don't need to round over the bottom inside edge quite as much but you can still make it comfortable, besides minicell should be just inside the thigh brace area. If the sides of the coaming aren't rounded over it'll be hard on you during re-entry but also for practicing rescues when another kayak is dragged across your sprayskirt it's less likely to wear a hole through it at the inside edge. The edge of the deck beam can be ground down 1/2 way and it wouldn't matter except to make re-entrys less painful.

In Response to: CH17 cockpit edge by Allan Reade on Oct 14, 2004