Re: CH18 Mods?

Posted by Paul on Oct 14, 2004

Ron, I think the lowering of the sheer line is a great idea if you dont need all that volume. Did you keep the same bow height or take 1" off all the way? After building my 18 exactly to plans, I would take the 1" off keeping the same bow height and tapering down to the 1" about 3-4ft back from the bow. I would also move the front bulkhead back as far as possible for my leg lenght, this would give more space for gear in the front storage area and reduce cockpit volume. I would also install a separate bulkhead for a day-hatch behind the cockpit.

After seeing Dave Housers ch17 recessed cockpit ,(Pics on this forum),this may be another mod I would consider.

A lot of guys regard the Ch 17 and 18 as tapered bricks,after paddleing mine in up to 35 Knts, I'm satisfied with the speed. I dont seem to have any trouble keeping up to the "Go_Fast" plastic fantasic boats in our club.

Stability is fine and the boat sails very well.I also have a rudder on mine.

I regard the "full size " 18 as my large volume expedition boat, I also have a Ch Double.

My next project is Fire Star baidarka which will be the day, come weekend boat.

Just my 2 cents worth.

Let us know how you get on,

Cheers, Paul

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