sailrig modifications

Posted by Bobby on Oct 14, 2004

I am tossing around several ideas and wanting to get ideas or suggestions. I am getting back on a progect I started over a year ago, before the plans for the sport tandem were available. I took the plans on the north bay, expanded the dimentions and came up with a 22.5 foot, 23.5 inch wide triple. I wanted something I can solo with my two 7 year old in the front and back cockpit and have a very fast tandem with a center cockpit when my kids grow up and want their own boat. I finished the hull last year and got off of it, now Im starting to work on it again. Here are the sailrig mods. I want to come up with a deck glued and screwed to the front aka and have the wast on a hinge with cleats and things to keep from drilling a big hole in the deck, of course with stays going to the amas or akas and a front stay going to a pulley on the bow to my work deck. This would also let me lower my mast to go under bridges, a problem Ive had with my current sailrig on my C17. I have also thought about putting a mast and sail on both akas, but Im not sure if it wouldnt be better to just put a jib on the rig. I have a ton of sails that a kayak manufacture sent me to demo so I would not be out any $ to do either of these mods, any advice?