Re: rigging

Posted by Ken Leffert on Oct 14, 2004

Peter, great looking boat! Found the pictures a few threads earlier. Did you intentionally rig the area behind the cockpit the opposite of what most people would rig? The way the boat in the picture is rigged, a paddle float re-entry would be difficult (probably not possible). Normally the bungee cord behind the cockpit makes an "X" with the sides closed, your's makes an "X", but is closed fore and aft. In any case, its probably not appropriate to store anything besides a paddle float (not saying a paddle float should go there-plenty of good places to put one) behind the cockpit, as you would either have to remove it to perform a paddle float re-entry or it would remove itself and wander off during re-entry. You obviously have to remove the paddle float to perform a paddle float re-entry anyway....

Very pretty boat, unusual rigging and all! One more thing.....if you do close the sides, an extra knot between the two web loops on the side make it a LOT easier to get ahold of the line, it can be difficult if the line is laying tight to the deck, you're wearing paddling gloves, sharks are circling, you know, just the normal scenario!

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