Stretch Toe Pockets

Posted by mick allen on Oct 14, 2004

one of the early ideas on the 'facetious' yak (if it was for pool(flatwater) practice only) was to just cut some ovalish holes in the tight deck and stretch neoprene across them with a flush detail, and use hardish booties (or rotating peg w/ hardfoot base) that will deflect the neoprene for the big footed while all others w/could have a normal set of lines for the yak.

in reality though, try to fit in one of the whitewater type yaks around. you may get a whole different perspective on footroom and how much you need. next try chamfering or eliminating the sheerclamp in the area, then smaller booties, then maybe nonsoled booties or none and glue in some thin 1/8" foam or neo under the foot and on/near hardpoints. make the shape mods at the very end of the process when yr sure you have to cut as it will still be difficult to make the mods follow the lines.


In Response to: Alligator Eye Toe Pockets by Lloyd on Oct 13, 2004