Re: Oxford Shell Mods

Posted by Steve K on Oct 13, 2004

There is an alternative to stretching the Oxford. You can obtain plans to build a wood hard-chine or round hull shell from the estate of Uffa Fox. I believe the web-site is

Also, I must take issue with your comment on the appearance of a racing shell. "Ugly" in my humble opinion does not apply to the wood racing shell that I currently row or the oxford shell that I built. I have a sense that you may mean the various types of non-wood rowing shells that exist today. I believe that if you were to talk to Graeme King at King Boatworks (the last wood racing shell maker in the US) he might argue that you are not looking closely at the elegance of the shells regardless of the substrate used to make the hull.

I have repaired all wood, wood/composite, and all composite shells - All are anything but ugly!

At any rate good luck in your efforts.

In Response to: Oxford Shell Mods by Nathan Osborn on Oct 12, 2004


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