Re: maiden voyage

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Oct 13, 2004

Congrats, Captain!

I can empathize with you on the demands made by family for more kayaks. I've made two more for dear wife, as well as one for a friend that was lusting after mine.

Perhaps you could buy a few used plastic boats from the rental agencies, then use that wood grain paint effect that furniture makers use. Maybe you can fool your girls.

But I doubt it.

Seriously, you can help with the leg numbness in the short term by cutting a 20" section of one of those swimming pool snakes and sticking it under your legs. Later on , when you perfect the art of the carved foam seat, you may not need them.

Also, for subsequent boats, you may want to consider building from plans. Cheaper, particularly if you're building more than one. I personally find plans building more satisfying, but it does take longer then the kits.

Bon Voyage!


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