Re: CH18 Mods?

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Oct 13, 2004

Using the 24" will lower the deck and may restrict knee room. To calculate exactly how much lower, I'd have to get out my calculator and it's too early in the morning to do that. In a big boat like an 18, the reduction may not be critical, depending on your body mass, agility and shoe size. The larger radius would also slightly reduce cockpit volume and windage, and may make deck installation a bit easier.

But if you have to recut the bulkhead and remake the forward beam (probably not necessary), It may be just as easy to make a new beam (not that difficult. Orrrrrrrrrr . . .

You could skip the deck beam altogether, as it may very well be overkill and it reduces the cockpit knee clearance. You can do this by just sticking a temporary block on the cockpit sole to support the deck at the correct height during installation, or installing a thin, 4mm beam, sprung at the correct radius and notched into the sheer clamp. This thin beam can also be installed after the deck, if you desire more reinforcement in that area.

Just some ideas. No guarantee that they're good ones.


In Response to: CH18 Mods? by RonC on Oct 13, 2004