CH18 Mods?

Posted by RonC on Oct 13, 2004

I'm, getting ready to stitch up my CH18. I've already trimed the shear down by 1" and will narrow the beam from 24 1/2 to 24".

This past Sat, I was cleaning out the one storage shed where I keep all of my very valuable scraps of wood that I just can't seem to throw out, and low and behold, I found a 24" raduis deck beam that came as a "mystery piece" in my MC 15 kit. My question is, can I substitute the 24" raduis beam on my CH 18 instead of using the std. 16" radius beam? I know that I'll have to re-cut the front bulkhead radius and the forward deck beam but other than that, is there anything I'm missing? Any reason not to?