Re: Thank You!

Posted by Mark Camp on Oct 12, 2004

Are you? Don't know. But if you are, we all are, and it's a GOOD thing! Yes, this new launch is a beaut!

Back in Cinci, the Sharpie is still getting random coats of epoxy on the bottom during coffee-breaks and in between soccer games, followed by most of it being scraped or sanded off. Still having a blast, though, and at least it is not getting any worse with each coat. I have discovered the glorious effect of 4 tsp. of cabosil per shot of MAS, when coating the sides (which are roughly vertical and very prone to drips). I was avoiding cab because I was still entertaining fantasies of bright finish, like all rookies do, and I thought it would give a plasticky milky look. When I realized that she really has her heart set on someday getting a couple nice coats of cheap deck paint, instead of that fancy varnish stuff, I started dumping in the silica, and oh what a difference!

Glad you're on the mend, Kurt, BTW.

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