Re: rigging

Posted by LeeG on Oct 12, 2004

What gear? For a high wide deck with LOTS of room underneath you might as well cut four more 4 1/2" lengths of webbing and glue them under the foredeck. Then lace some 3/16" webbing under there to put your pump and paddle float. Get a sponge and tie a 1/8" line to it and store it behind the hip braces. Putting pumps and paddle floats under deck bungies is what happens 99% of the time with rental boats and instruction. In those instances that you actually will need a pump and paddle float you'll be paddling so much that having a pump in front of you is an irritation. A pump on the aft deck interferes with re-entry. If it's under the foredeck tethered with a 18"length of 1/8"-3/16" bungie it'll be where you can get to it when you're in the cockpit or out of it without the possibility of losing it in those conditions that you actually need it. Spare paddle rigging requires another set of bungies just beyond the front hatch or aft hatch. One loop going between two webbing anchors will do it.

In Response to: rigging by Peter on Oct 12, 2004