other approaches

Posted by mick allen on Oct 12, 2004

(cut) I am very serious about creating a little rectangular bubble Appearance isn't one of the answers to this question.(cut)

i don’t think appearance necessarily has to suffer – so as well as the previous approach, here’s a couple of others:

2/ as you have a radiused deck with front and rear hatches, why not put small flush ‘hatch covers’ in the foot region, that have flex sides and hinge at the sheerline. then they’d pop up just for you and could be set down for all the normal pple.

3/as you have a radiused deck, choose a contrast in materials to make the bump. mask the deck, foam up the bumps, make in carbon, cut hole in deck and mount c/f bumps from below.

4/as you have a radiused deck, choose a contrast in form to make the bumps. say use a chamfered or faceted approach like the pic (to get room in a playak).


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