Re: carbon??

Posted by Doug Rhude on Oct 11, 2004

I belive Frank is right about CF soaking up too much resin, vacume(sp)bagging is probably the most efficent way to use CF or Kevlar. I've been searching for some Syntex 2oz. fabric,(Ocean One web site) but can't find any, Mfg.( Carbon Comp.) only sells full rolls(200ly.X 50"), comes out to about $7000.00! $38.00 per ly. Truly great stuff, strong as kevlar but wets out like fiberglass! But like I said, they won't sell anything but full rolls....BUMMER! just think how lite a boat could be with this stuff! Hummm...Maybe CLC could invest in a roll & sell pieces to us? ......Yea, I'm dreaming! Good luck on your quest for a lighter boat, It's back to S - glass for me....maybe 1.4oz.? Doug Rhude

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