Re: carbon??

Posted by FrankP on Oct 11, 2004

With respect to the whole "core" thing, I know the older kayaks didn't call for glass inside and out, just outside (and only on the hull--deck glass was added later.) I don't think the CLC line currently calls for glassing the entire interior of the hull, just the cockpit, but I may be wrong about that. I know I only glassed the cockpit interior of my NorthBay and did that with extra glass, as there wasn't any provided in my kit. So I think if you chose to use CF instead of glass, you'd be plenty strong enough.

I personally think you'd be adding just as much weight though, as CF uses more epoxy than fiberglass does for the same weight cloth. You will be stronger, but you will also add a little bit of weight. You may consider lighter CF but then, it'll be hard to determine strength. (I'm sure a 3.9 oz CF would provide strength somewhat comparable to 6oz glass.)

Personally, I love the traditional wood look, but I also really like the look of CF. Maybe a CF hull with a traditional deck and CF coaming and accents or something like that?


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