Re: carbon??

Posted by Howard on Oct 10, 2004

i think what gives the hull the most rigidness is creating a cored structure. in the west river series the core is the 4mm mahogany which is then glassed on both sides. basically the glass is operating in tension/compression in a cored structure.

so while carbon is stronger, if you do not get the core effect (becuase you only glass one side) is suspect that you will not be as stiff for a given weight as glass on both sides.

the other advantage on glass on both sides is much less possibility of water intrusion into the wood....which is a fairly common problem referred to as the black ick that mostly occurs on lightly epoxied surfaces with no glass reinforcement.

see the construction of a boat like the arctic hawk where they pay a lot of attention to the details...they glass almost every surface on both sides...albeit on the inside in areas that don't take a lot of abrasion...they use 2 oz cloth.

good luck


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