Re: Scrape it off

Posted by Paul Konish on Oct 10, 2004

Aaron, When I was building my CH17 (2 yrs ago) I decided to put one more coat of epoxy on the interior of the cockpit before installing the seat and unfortunately botched the ratio. The epoxy remained in the same tacky putty like state for a week. I experimented with all kinds of crazy ideas that only half worked. Another week went by and with some encouragement from this forum decided to try scubbing it out with a green scotch brite pad and liberal amounts of denatured alcohol. It worked beautifully and did not attack the cured epoxy layers. The stuff cleaned up a whole lot easier and better than I had ever imagined it could. I cranked up the heat (with a lamp) for maybe 48 hrs and then put another finishing coat over the whole thing. Managed to get the seat in with double sided stickey tape the night before leaving on a two week kayaking vacation. It's held up just fine. So scrub away the mess and keep going. You'll forget all about it once she hits the water. Good Luck!

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