Derek Hutchinson Big Feet

Posted by Lloyd on Oct 9, 2004

Derek Hutchinson is quoted in the February 1996 Sea Kayaker(I get this in a letter in the April 1996 issue)as saying, ".. I firmly believe that all people over six feet tall who have large feet shold be banned from kayaking."

So what would he say about my foot bubble idea?

I do thank all of you for this discussion.

I have not abandoned the foot bubble, in fact, the iconoclast in me wants a pair of foot bubbles more than ever now. I thought about this a great deal this afternoon as I paddled my recently completed, painted like a Holstein cow, 17LT (It could use bubbles too).

Who else, besides Derek H., will seek to keep me out of kayaks?

Again thank you so much for the discussion.

In Response to: 12.5 - 11 = 0.6 by Lloyd on Oct 6, 2004