Re: ch 17 - putting it of

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Oct 8, 2004

All good, reassuring advice from forum members, Ray. They are a fine bunch of folks. I have nothing more to add, except that there will be some truly magical days ahead for you. One may be when you first wire up the flat panels into a 3 dimensional hull that, even incomplate with the wires sticking out, has grace and elegance. Another magical day will be when you get the first coat of varnish on and see how lovely the wood grain is (this magic will increase with subsequent coats).

The most magical day may be launch day - the proud day you take the heavy, unwieldy boat and welcome it to its element, where it will instantly become weightless and nimble, ready, like an eager horse, to carry you wherever you care to direct it.


In Response to: ch 17 - putting it off. by ray on Oct 6, 2004