MillCreek coaming ques.

Posted by Tom M. (MD) on Oct 7, 2004

I put on the plywood pieces of the coaming on my 16.5 the other day. Last night, I made a fillet around it. I'm almost done with the boat but am left with a couple pieces of lumber left. They are about 1/4"x3/8" long pieces (around 7') of mahogany. The manual doesn't make much mention of it, but there is one hint of applying something on top of the this the pieces? I'm thinking so, since they nearly match the thickness of the plywood and would cover the endgrain giving it a better look.

But I wanted to be sure if that is what indeed they are for. The only thing that throws me is there doesn't seem to be enough for the rear section of coaming...? Do you install it there too?