Re: 12.5 - 11 = 0.6

Posted by LeeG on Oct 7, 2004

use a deck beam with a 13" radius and it'll probably add 3/4" center deck height which can provide some comfort for stretching feet onto the footbraces. I found the Northbay too cramped for size 11 feet on 31" inseam legs and thereafter made a s&g with narrower bottom panels and higher deckbeam.

Regarding toe room at the sheer for the WR18 you could make the side panel about 3/8" higher at the footbrace location AND use a tighter radius deck beam but that would require the bow being about an inch higher so the sheer curve would look normal. Combined with a tighter radius deck beam around 13"-14" that should do it. There's an increased risk of the deck wanting to fold as the bow height increases relative to the deck beam and the deck beam radius tightens. That's why you'll see designs like the A.Hawk, Betsy Bay and Cunninghams s&g using two piece foredecks. Or the Pax18 requiring a 'kingplank'. The deck curve can't be maintained past a certain point without folding. If the deck wants to fold past the bulkhead you could let it or do other things to maintain the 'look' of a cambered deck.

There was a Northbay made with a Pax20 deckbeam (10.5" radius) that had plenty of footroom and made what was a very uncomfortable fit for my size 11 feet perfectly adequate. That radius is too tight for 4mm(that particular deck was cracked at the peak) but I've done it with a 14" radius and 4mm deck with no problem.

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