Re: ch 17 - putting it of

Posted by jahrome on Oct 6, 2004

I'll share the full story of my CLC 17 after I get it finished... I bought the kit in 1999. (!) Ready to glass the hull hopefully this weekend after some sanding, I've only "really" been working on it for the past month and regret waiting to get started! Please don't make the same mistake I made. Once you get started it's amazing how that pile of wood transforms and it's not that difficult like the people said, just breaking it down into steps. It's really a lot of fun and kind of exercises the mind when you have problems to solve like that. I can see how you'd be scared to cut so practice on luan and use it to trace the real thing as was mentioned! Now my wife wants one too and I promised her it wouldn't take me 5 years to build it ;-)

CLC has a video available, so I recommend that highly it's very straightforward. A lot of steps didn't make sense reading about, so the video took away a lot of my doubts about how to do things. Between that and the forum you get a lot of help.

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