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Posted by Michelle Moran on Oct 6, 2004

Ray, I delayed for awhile as well. I got everything all set up, then found other things to do for several months. Getting started was the hard part.

Tony wrote: "The big thing to remember is 'it is only a mistake if you can't fix it'." This is a valuable point to remember. So far, I've put about 8 ounces of epoxy on my garage floor as I somehow missed the sentence about adding thickener, which also led to accidently epoxying the groady plywood spreader stick onto the canoe. Then there was the time the dog collapsed the warming tent onto the scarfs. So far everything has been repairable.

Kurt wrote: "In the meantime, we've got your back. Just holler if we can help in any way." Also very true. People here are knowledgable, helpful and even funny to boot. It's amazingly useful to have someone to ask dumb questions that don't seem so dumb until you've done it a few times. My dumbest to date was probably the, "So, do people really wear gloves when working with epoxy?" Learned quite a bit about safe epoxy work with that one.

Ron wrote: "Enjoy the process." I still get nervous with each step I haven't done before. I'm waiting now for it to be warm enough again to fiberglass -- maybe this weekend, and am still unsure how that will turn out. But overall, it's mainly just fun. It was great fun putting on stem strips and actually having them turn out. Rather than putting it off, I wish I had more time to build.

Start soon, so you can get to the fun part!

My one original tip -- If you have access to a digital camera and a place to post a picture, you can send a photo of just about any potential problem to the forum and get back suggestions. And we can see how the boat's coming which is always fun.


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