12.5 - 11 = 0.6

Posted by Lloyd on Oct 6, 2004

OK in the interest of full disclosure this is the same question I posted earlier about needing more foot room. However, I know that a thread gets buried and I started the last on 10/1 and there haven't been any bites for a couple of days.

But I'll do this question a little differently. First, today I searched on "foot size" and found that there is 0.4 inches between a 12 and 11 shoe size.

I want to build a West River 18 for my size 12.5. The WR 18 is said to be good for up to a size 11. So I need about 0.6 inches.

I am very serious about creating a little rectangular bubble about 8 inches long and perhaps 4 inches wide and something like an inch deep.

I believe that I will cut that much out of the deck and remove the shear clamp in that area and with a little butt joint and some stiching I'll have my bubble and my toes will be comfortably stretched out.

Appearance isn't one of the answers to this question.

What is wrong with this solution for adding foot room?

By the way search on "foot size" with Google and you may (or may not) be suprised about what you find.