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Posted by Paul on Oct 6, 2004

Ray, I agree with Ron about breaking it down into small bits. The first step is cutting,scarfing and glueing the ply blanks. Just commit to that for the first day, and believe me, the rest WILL flow on from that. After you've accomplished that stage you will find that "hey ,I can do this" after all. I,ve built a CH18 and a Double,and I found the Manual works very well. The info you can get from all the people on this site and others is absolutley invaluable. What ever you have to do ,many have already done it, and are only to pleased to share their expierence. Take a look at Dave Housers pics of the lowered recess, I for one ,am considering taking a saw to my Double and installing one in each cockpit.

Welcome to the "wonderfull world fo kayak building", <sounds like a kids T.V. show !

good luck , Cheers Paul

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