Re: ch 17 - putting it of

Posted by Nancy on Oct 6, 2004

I finished my CH 17-LT from plans a couple of months ago, and stared at the wood a long time before I pulled out the pencil and drew the lines on the wood, maybe 6 weeks. But I did end up cutting it out, used this forum a lot for courage, and now I have an excellent kayak, that cuts through the water like a dream. Of course, its 4 inches shorter than in the plans (oops), and I painted the sides to cover a less than perfect scarf joint. Maybe that cheap wood blanks idea would have saved the day there, certainly do practice making the scarf joints on some scrap, and if you get tired quit for the day (my scarfs were a "just one more step and then I'll quit" mistake.)

In Response to: ch 17 - putting it off. by ray on Oct 6, 2004