Re: shortning the beam

Posted by LeeG on Oct 6, 2004

Yes it's been attempted. There's a modified LT16 that I saw built by a former CLC employee 4yrs ago to give a Chesapeake more flared side panels and more turning response to a lean. The problem is that it required a fair amount of gap filling to work as the trimming was done to original LT16 panels. Also the sprung sheerclamps limit the possible deadrise angles at the bow/entry which in conjunction with the one piece deck tend to make for a low volume bow where the hull first cuts the water. There are other attributes in the Chesapeaks handling worth working towards than the implication that narrower=faster. Focusing on a particular dimension such as an unspecificied beam measurment doesn't mean much for what happens on the water in wind/waves. It's a little like saying "longer kayaks are faster" or low profile tires on a car will make it handle better. "Sharpening" the design can increase weathercocking or the speed at which the bow sticks and the stern slides in a broach if the rest of the hull isn't taken into consideration. I and the fellow who made the modified LT16 also worked up a design starting from a Northbay. By the time you get around to making what you're looking for by modifying the Ch hull shape you'll notice there are already designs with those attributes you are looking for.

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