Old Slavey

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Oct 4, 2004

There's a large lake not far from here, Slave Lake, that is 654m deep, thats about 2000 ft in 'merican measures. Apparently Old Slavey amade an appearance. She's supposed to be a dragonesque creature that has been seen for centuries but no one has been able to find her. One story is that a bunch of years ago Old Slavey came up and grabbed a calf that was standing near the shore in the water, was never found again. There are many stories like this about Old Slavey. Maybe Old Slavey is a big old crock that doesn't mind cold fresh water. Then again, she is reported to have a very long neck. I guess we have our risks up here, too but not as bad as yours. Find a nice closed in lake somewhere and do that easy relaxing paddle there.

Robert N Pruden

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