Deck Raise

Posted by Lloyd on Oct 4, 2004

The foot binding would have had to start in 1950 .. missed that chance.

I eliminated the deck radius increase because, like you say, it doesn't do good where it is needed.

What I do imagine is a raised portion of the deck over the length of the boat my feet will need, likely over less than an eight inch range. That part of the deck could be the same height as the high point of the camber. It might look like a little lap desk, but too far forward for that use.

The shear panel would come up higher at that point.

Can you picture this? How am I doing?

It does sound inelegant, but I just painted my last boat to look like a holstein (aka Gateway box) cow.

This next kayak will be painted like the Tour de France best climber jersey .. white with red dots.

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