Re: shortning the beam

Posted by J.Schott on Oct 4, 2004

Sure if the plans are available for what you want buy them and build it. By modifying a set to suit you needs means re-engineering,then yes, you would be heading for an unknown and possibly disasterous result. The original idea was to narrow the beam of a chesapeake 17 to 22 inches. by narrowing the bottom panels with the beam, the ratio of secondary stability should stay the same in relation to primary. The flare will be unchanged. My primary reason for this is to make the boat easier to roll, which in turn make self resue easier in less than perfect conditions. It would be a sort of chesapeake/north bay hybrid. As far as the foam board, sure it doesn't have the same bending properties as 4mm ply, but the chine, keel and sheer lenghts will be the same as if it was ply. So, in theory, the hull shape should come out the same. If you want speed and no load carrying capacity build a Pax. If you want a day trip, hard chine boat with little primary stability and is easier to roll, build a north bay. If you want it all, build a chesapeake the way you want it, or take the plunge and build a Artic Hawk. There are a lot of modified boats on this board, and it is my opinion that what Ety is asking for is not that far fetched. Of course everyone knows the saying about opinions :)

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