Re: paint or varnish

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Oct 3, 2004

Ive done both paint and varnish, both finishes got mangled equally. Both finishes hold up well with proper application. I used Tremclad Paint or the American equivalent, Rustoleum, with excellent results. I used Spar Varnish with excellent results. The decision is basically one of esthetics: are you wanting to hide any flaws- then paint; or do you want a nice wood grain finish - then varnish. I love graphic designs so I usually half paint and half varnish.

The link below takes you to pictures of all my boats and the graphics they had or have. There's a lot you can do.

Robert N Pruden

Images of my boats

In Response to: paint or varnish by Terry Lob on Oct 2, 2004