Re: shortning the beam

Posted by Howard on Oct 2, 2004

haven't tried it but my sense is that you will not make it much faster or decrease the stability much. i suspect that reducing the beam will have very little impact on the shape that sits in the water as the 23.5 is a result of the flare in the side panels. you will just have them sitting a bit more vertical.

i think if it looks fine when you set it will have no problem. you may find you have to shave a bit with the width from the upper section of the bulkheads to get the max beam to sit at 22 inches.

my recollection when building is that you get a beam of about 23/23.5 natually when the bulkeads are in place (and the spreader stick is removed).

i would avoid pulling the sides in and shave the bulkeads down until the boat sits with the 22 inch width you desire.


In Response to: shortning the beam by Ety Bahar on Oct 2, 2004