More Foot Room Needed

Posted by Lloyd on Oct 1, 2004

I've just finished building a 17LT and 16LT, but would like to get back to an epoxy life style again this winter (The 17LT had a nice three day test in the San Juans last week).

From the start I had wanted to build a West River 18, but didn't partly because I believe that it doesn't offer enough foot room for my 12 1/2's.

So do I have options for increasing foot room on a kit?

As I paddled these last few days I though that one could cut the deck where the feet work back and forth.

I imagine a rectangular cut on three sides with the forth side toward the center of the deck uncut. One could then pop up that bit of deck stitch some sides on it and have more foot room.

OK I expect those two sentences may be hard to visualize, but I'll work on more detail.

But again the main question is can I get more foot room out of a West River 18 kit? Cause that is the boat I want to build next.