Re: Stem Strips Done!

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Sep 30, 2004

You can fill that indentation and any gouge with thickened epoxy. Use some wood flour to thiicken the epoxy for filling. If this part of the boat will be painted you can use Cabosil or some other thickener. I wouldn't fibreglass over a stem strip. The whole point of that strip is to protect the bow/stern edges, so expect it to be gouged, scraped and banged. That strip is meant to be replaceable should it get too badly banged up. If you glass it you are just asking for extra work. You can fillet/fill any gaps around that strip to make it nice and smooth. The wood flour helps to get a good color match.

In Response to: Stem Strips Done! by Michelle Moran on Sep 29, 2004