Floorboards and seats

Posted by Bob Willing on Sep 28, 2004

Floor boards: Jimmy Skiff

A unique approach to making floorboards for the Jimmy Skiff is to use 1-inch plastic lattice material. Simply make the pattern before assembling the bottom. The sheets come in 4’ X 8’ sheets. You will need to cover the bottom from the front to just under the middle seat and the same for the back half. When it comes time to secure them to the bottom, apply industrial strength “Velcro.” About 12 pieces applied to the bottom of the trimmed lattice sheet. You can purchase this at Office Max in the 2 inch by 4-foot strip. The floorboards will keep the paint from being scuffed and damaged. Cut the sheet so it is just tangent to the bottom fillet.

You can also protect the seats with non-skid tape to keep them from being damaged. The non-skid will also keep a cushion from slipping. Purchase the tape at Boatworld or BoatsUS


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