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Posted by Howard on Sep 28, 2004

if you want to go natural...the most important thing is that you need to get all the old paint off....i recently refinished a boat...i repainted...but could have gone natural if that is what i had chosen. my suggestions/ observations...

- use a ROS (power sander) on the wide/flat portions of the hull but hand sand around the edges and bow and stern. i would not worry so much about getting down to the cloth as much as going through the cloth to the wood.

- start with 100 grit to get the paint off.

- use a vacume attachment to your sander to pick up all that coloured vary cautious about keeping everything clean (the boat, your work area, your brushes, etc). so that when you refinish/ don't get coloured dust in your new finish.

- after ALL the paint is off you can give a fresh coat of epoxy to fix any areas where you may have sanded into the cloth or worse.

- at this point follow the normal instructions for prepping for a brite finish.

expect to take some time to get it done. it is kind of laborious/boring work. for some reason, not as satisfying as the firt time i prepped the hull. i found it useful to mark off three to four foot sections of half the boat at a time and spread the work over a week clearing each small section completely and then stopping for the give myself a sense of progress and encourage me to be very thorough to remove all the paint.

my only other caution is that the previously painted surfaces may have a different UV protection than areas that you had originally done you may see a slight shadow/difference in colour of the wood underneath the painted surface than the varnished surface. so the original paint shadow may show under the now all brite surface...but a season in the sun tends to even this out pretty much.

as an aside, if you did not have deck glass on the boat...this project can be a good opportunity to add this handy re-inforcement that is now pretty standard on all the new CLC construction

good luck


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