Re: painted hull

Posted by Homer on Sep 28, 2004

I found painting to be very simple and quick in warm weather. It came down to a coat a day - and that was it.

Although not required, I concluded from word of mouth that it is better to prime it. A quart did the trick for 2 thinly applied coats of primer. In retrospect, I am glad I did it - if anything to get a smoother finish, for more protection and to ensure paint adheision. There is some left over.

For the finish, the quart did just right for 3 thin coats. I like the extra left over for touch up.

Depending on color and application, I have heard of people needing more that 5 coats however - the single quart is a good size.

In Response to: painted hull by terry lob on Sep 28, 2004