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Posted by jahrome on Sep 28, 2004

To apply all the fillets, put glass over the fillets, coat them, then coat the inside of the boat with epoxy, and glass the cockpit (not the hull) took me all afternoon on Sunday. I was kind of surprised, I thought it would go quicker. I take my time though so maybe I just work too slow!

You can take your time as long as you dollop out the fillet material every couple of inches, it takes it a little while to start curing once you get it seperated into smaller amounts like that. I basically worked on the 3 sections of the boat individually, starting with the bow and stern to get a little bit of technique down before doing the cockpit area to be neater about things. I've seen some nasty looking fillets on other boats and wanted to avoid that...The fillets are tedious and repetetive (lots of mixing!) and I took a lot of care spreading them and cleaning up to make them look good.

Then I went ahead and messed it all up glassing the cockpit. Well it's no so bad but the lesson learned is that the cockpit cloth was precut a little too long and I should have either trimmed it or made slits in all 4 corners to get it to line up much better. Bubbles and folds at the corner. I'll try to clean some of this up when I apply the second coat of epoxy on the interior.

I'm just glad to have a little experience working with the glass first on the inside of the boat where no one will see it! :-)

Next step is to patch the seams in the plywood and then sand and on to glassing the hull.

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