Re: soft varnish

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Sep 27, 2004

I like lacquer thinner because it accelerates drying more so than paint thinner. This is why it reduces runs and sags in that it encourages the varnish to tack up (a.k.a. "set) more quickly than paint thinner and not run. But this is just my experience. I'm sure many folks get great results with unthinned varnish, paint thinner or the proprietary thinners the varnish manufacturers charge so much for. It's probably more important to have good technique, i.e., fast application in very thin coats with one, quick tipping off after you apply each section.

The thinning percentage is not, in my experience, always so critical for brush application. If the weather is dry and in the 70s, 5-10% is fine. It's when you are varnishing in higher heat/humidity that more thinning gets better and faster results.

Paint thinner is a little safer environmentally. If you try lacquer thinner, be sure to wear your respirator, eye protection and gloves, and ventilate the shop well.

You can get lacquer thinner at any paint store.


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