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Posted by Robert N Pruden on Sep 25, 2004 had better be paddling on flat water. Varnish is largely for UV protection, the epoxy you should have used is waterproof so taking it out is no big deal. With no hatches,you have no floatation in case of upset. You can paddle with no seat, just use a piece of foam to sit on, that's what I'm doing with the Raven right now. You absolutely need the foot and knee braces so if you don't have them installed get that done first. You won't have any stability without them and that would be takign a risk, especially is you plan on paddling away from shore. I wouldn't paddle more than 10 yards from shore if the water is deep, you may have a hard time recovering your boat in case of upset, it will sink with no hatches. You won't hurt the epoxy as long as it's had a few days to cure. I've certainly been impatient and gone out like this, too!

Good luck to ya!

Robert N Pruden

In Response to: Can I paddle? by David on Sep 25, 2004