goof-need "feature"ideas

Posted by Gober on Sep 25, 2004

Hey everyone I am sick about this one. I am building two mc13's. I bought okoumee locally here in Dallas. I transferred the plans to the plywood and cut it about a month ago. Half the panels were put up on saw horses and the other half was left against the garage wall. Then school started again, went on vacation to Florida and trying to keep up with a new born. So itís been about 30 days since I looked at the boat. Tonight I was out in the garage and looked at the wood and the pieces that were leaning up against the wall have water stains. How I donít know, itís only at the bottom where it was touching concrete. We havenít had any rain in quite some time and the garage stays dry when it does rain. The good news is that the pieces were not yet scarfed so it looks like I can cut most of it away. But one panel I think I will have about an inch that will still show after I scarf. I want to bright finish. Can I stain the wood to hide the water stains? I could do some kind of onlay but itís below the water line. I could paint some sort of design at the seam. What do you folks think? Anyone seen plywood do this on what seems to be a dry floor before