Re: contact cement

Posted by RonC on Sep 24, 2004


What you may have encountered is a matter of deffinition. To the manufacture, "waterfroof" means the item or product is meant to be used 24/7, 365, completely summerged in water. Even my dive watch is not "waterproof", it is only "water restiant" meaning that for periods of time, it is ok to be in contact or submerged.

3M 5200 is indeed foul stuff to use. That being said I have used it to seal through-hull fixtures on my sailboat while the boat was in the water and I had to use SCUBA gear to install the through-hull. It has an even greater propensity to get on stuff you don't want it to than epoxy!

Most commercial brands of contact cement will hold up for gluing velcro to the hull as long as it is not sitting in 2 inches of water for days at a time.

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