Re: pulley lift-do it!

Posted by Dave Houser on Sep 24, 2004

Two heavy eyebolts and a camlock strap near each end of the kayak work for me. I just make large loops with the straps that hang down to waist high. Then I just carry the kayak on my shoulder and walk it into the loops. Once it is sitting in the loops, I just tighten the straps pushing the kayak up with one hand and pulling the strap end with the other. A couple trips back and forth to each loop snugs the kayak to the ceiling. An overhand knot in the strap free end will prevent the end from going too far through the cam buckle when lowering. I have pullies on my canoe and much prefer the cam buckle straps on my kayak.

In Response to: Re: pulley lift-do it! by Patrick Gillon on Sep 23, 2004